About me

Welcome to my website! I am Jonas, a photographer and I am dedicated for capturing moments for ever. I love traveling, the sea air, the sun, the water - freedom with all its aspects. 

I am one of those wannabe "starry-eyed idealist", everyone laughs about. I believe in "the good" of every person and even insist to be right. 

I also believe in second chances, in eternal friendship,  in family solidarity and in ducks which become rabbits during the night.  In art, in the meaningfulness of the meaninglessness, in the perfection of the coincidence and in the imagination that everything is possible.  


Discovering the photography was one of the best things which ever happened to me. It offers me the chance to show everybody the world how I see it.  There are moments which should not and cannot be forgotten, which have to continue to live!  And that's why I am in the world! 


With a study in photography and an iron will to make people happy I started to capture stories of a very special day. Now it is my passion. 

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