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My name is Jonas, I'm an international wedding photographer traveling the world to capture the most beautiful weddings! My main destinations are Capetown, Mallorca, Greece, Italy and Morocco. But i'm always happy to see new places in the world! Please have a look on my website and tell me where you want me to come.

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weddingphotography capetown
weddingphotographer capetown


As an international wedding photographer i travel every year and i know a lot about destination weddings and how to organize them. If you need help or any advise please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to your wedding in Capetown, Mallorca, Greece or wherever you want to go.

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weddingphotographer capetown
weddingphotography capetown
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weddingphotographer capetown

Travel dates


Please have a look at my travel dates! If i'm already at your destination there will be no traveling costs at all!




Feb&March - Capetown

April - Cordoba, Spain

August - Portugal

September - Mallorca & Mykonos

November - Asia



January - Thailand

May - Mallorca

August - Mexico


weddingphotographer capetown
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